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Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients
Sandhurst & Camberley

Nervous dental patients in Sandhurst

It’s natural to be a little bit nervous or worried about seeing a dentist. For some people though, going to see the dentist can cause real anxiety.

Some patients may be frightened by the thought of possible pain, and others may be anxious about the unknown. Perhaps you have a dental phobia that could have been triggered by something that happened in the past or perhaps a traumatic incident involving a dentist.

Dental phobias and dental anxieties can lead to a cycle. If you don’t visit the dentist because you are frightened, this can lead to more dental problems. As dental work is left untreated, it can become potentially more expensive too.

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Helping nervous dental patients in Camberley

At Academy Dental Care, we understand that a dental anxiety or a dental phobia is real, and we know how distressing it can be.

Our friendly and caring staff have experience of dealing with nervous dental patients and we have helped many patients throughout Crowthorne, Yateley Sandhurst, Camberley, Blackwater and throughout Berkshire. We will talk with you, suggest visits and tours of the surgery and won’t even let you sit in the dental chair until you feel comfortable. We will go at your pace and only suggest a check-up when you are ready.

What is sedation?

Conscious dental sedation involves administering a drug by a qualified professional to put you into a profound state of relaxation. You are still awake but almost on the edge of sleep and able to feel comfortable with any dental treatment. This can be carefully controlled but you will feel sleepy the rest the day so will need to be accompanied home and looked after.

Dental Sedation

We are so gentle that many nervous patients are so surprised their dental treatment with us is so comfortable. But in cases where you have a real anxiety and simply cannot cope with any dentistry, we can arrange for a qualified seditionist to visit the practice.