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Dental Hygiene
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Dental hygiene treatment involves professionally cleaning the teeth. However, perhaps our most important role is showing you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque. We recommend visiting the hygienist at least twice a year.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by the build-up of plaque bacteria on the teeth, which causes surrounding tissues to become inflamed and the gums to recede. As this happens, more and more bacteria begin to find their way into the gums causing further recession, discomfort and, if left untreated, eventual tooth loss.

It is gum disease and not tooth decay that is the major cause of tooth loss in adult patients.

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Benefits of Hygienist visits 

We will discuss any concerns you may have including persistent bad breath, a dry mouth or bleeding gums.

The hygienist will gently remove debris and deposits that have built up below your gums, which if left, may cause disease.

You will be given useful hints and tips that will help you look after your oral health every day. Your hygienist will also be able demonstrate brushing techniques to you and how to use floss effectively.

Why Choose Dental Hygiene?

Gum Problems And Other Diseases

Recent scientific research has shown a link between poor oral health and other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. This highlights the importance of good dental care. Unhealthy gums allow mouth bacteria to enter the blood stream and potentially cause damage to blood vessels and the heart.

Periodontal Disease

When the gum disease is more advanced it damages the jawbone and can lead to tooth loss. This is called periodontitis. More advanced treatment can be carried out by a dentist or periodontist to save your teeth. We have the team with the skills to help in these cases.

How Do You Prevent It?

Regular check-ups and hygiene visits are essential in helping to improve and maintain the condition of your teeth and gums.

Dental Hygiene Faqs

Which toothpaste is the best to use?
There are hundreds of toothpastes available, and it can be difficult choosing which one. The best advice is to choose a toothpaste that contains a high level of fluoride – between 1,300ppm and 1,500ppm.
Do I really need to visit the dentist as well as the hygienist and how often should I go?
Dentists and hygienists work closely together. Your dentist will look after all matters relating to the health of your teeth and gums. Your hygienist is solely involved in protecting your teeth and gums through promoting good hygiene. You should visit both every 6 to 12 months and your dentist can let you know how often they want to see you.
Should I use mouthwash?
Mouthwashes can help freshen breath and protect against cavities, but it should be used in addition to brushing and flossing rather than as a substitute.