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Cosmetic Dentures
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Dentures in Sandhurst

Dentures do not need to be embarrassing. Our dentures are custom tailored to your mouth to give you the confidence to smile.

Do dentures get loose?

Our dentures are well-designed and should stay firmly in place and fit your gums comfortably. Over time the jawbone where the teeth were lost will naturally shrink so your dentures may become loose or start slipping. Should this happen, come back and see us, so your dentist can give you further advice. Fixative creams may be used to hold the dentures in place for a time, but it is normal to need a new denture every five to seven years on average.

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Benefits of dentures

A denture is made of either a plastic or metal base to which artificial acrylic teeth and gums are attached. This “plate” is then inserted into the mouth to replace missing teeth. It can replace many teeth in a cost-effective way.

Custom-made cosmetic dentures

Many dentures are made by taking one impression of the person’s mouth and the denture being finished and given to the patient immediately. We take the time to have custom tailored trays made from the first impression so the second impression we take is a far more accurate copy of your mouth. This means the denture will fit better. We will have an appointment to first try out the denture to make sure you are happy and makes any changes. The result is a denture that will make you look younger and give you more confidence!

Getting used to your dentures varies from person to person, but our patients do seem to get used to them very quickly, but for some it does take a little longer. It can be helpful to use a denture fixative for the first few weeks.


Cleaning your dentures

You should clean your dentures twice a day and will need to remove your dentures before cleaning. Brush them with a denture brush and toothpaste. It is also recommended to soak them regularly in a special cleaning solution.

Although dentures may be removed and cleaned outside the mouth, your gums will still need to be cleaned every morning and evening. If wearing partial dentures, it is even more important that you brush your teeth thoroughly every day. This will help stop tooth decay and gum disease that can lead to you losing more of your teeth.

You should take your dentures out at night to allow the gums to rest.

Dental implants with dentures

You may choose to use mini dental implants to hold the dentures much more securely and comfortably. The added benefit is the bone will be preserved around the dental implant.