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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover
Sandhurst & Camberley

Achieving a Perfect Smile

View some of our before and after pictures to see how we can recreate perfectly natural looking teeth. The results can literally be life changing.

See our cases below for information on how we helped these lovely people.

Using Invisalign to straighten the teeth and all ceramic crowns to repair the badly broken teeth. The precision fit dentistry means that the margins of the crowns, even though above the gum, invisibly blend into the tooth. A perfect smile!

Two front crowns that just don’t match which annoyed this lovely patient. We gave her two crowns that perfectly matched and she was over the moon!

This gentleman had crooked and broken teeth. He had a very decayed tooth on the right side which we had to remove. We used a combination of ceramic crowns and a bridge on the right side of his mouth to give him a new smile to be proud of.

A combination of tooth whitening and all ceramic crowns totally transforms this smile.

A front tooth broke and the two front crowns did not match. With whitening and four new crowns we created a brand new smile.
Replacing badly made dentures with a new set for more natural looking teeth.