Fixed braces

Fixed Braces in Camberley & Sandhurst

Fixed braces uses a unique wire and bracket design to move teeth smoothly and quickly. It is a great system for moving teeth with more control and treatment time can be reduced.

Benefits of Fixed braces

  • Compared to traditional systems fixed braces moves the whole tooth from day one. Other types of braces tend to tip the tooth first then move the root in the jawbone
  • Fixed braces avoids taking teeth out which can be unpleasant
  • Most cases such as crowding, spacing and open bite can be treated very effectively
  • You can choose from metal or clear brackets

How much do Fixed braces cost?

Treatment for upper and lower jaws starts from around £3000. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs. 0% finance is available and for many cases this works out to less than £5 a day for a brand-new smile!

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