Academy Dental

NHS & Economy Care

Currently, we do not have any NHS places available. 

Due to limited NHS availability, we also offer a very affordable range of treatment options like those available on the NHS to allow access to essential dental treatment. Just like the NHS, cosmetic treatments such as white fillings or white crowns may not be available, but you can also choose from our Private range

NHS Fees

Treatment Fees
Band 1 – Check up & diagnosis £23.80
Band 2 – Filling & extractions £65.20
Band 3 – Filling & extractions £282.80
Child check up and treatment FREE

Economy Care 

Treatment Fees
Adult check up £35
Child examination & treatment FREE NHS

Economy Fillings

Treatment Fees
Metal Filling (silver mercury amalgam) £65
Small White filling (for front teeth only)


Private fillings use stronger premium brand resin ceramics and application takes longer


Economy Crowns

Treatment Fees
Crown for back tooth (metal only) £249
Crown for front tooth (porcelain bonded to metal) £295
Private crowns are made with premium ceramics at laboratories with highly experienced technicians for more natural looking crowns  

Economy Tooth Removal

Treatment Fees
Simple extraction £65


Treatment Fees
Dentures £200- £350
Private dentures are handcrafted by master technicians and take more appointments to tailor  

Root Canal Therapy

As root canal therapy is a complex procedure, where it is important to achieve a high success rate, we only offer this treatment privately.