Patient Forms

It is necessary for all patients visiting Academy Dental to complete our secure and confidential forms.

Dental practices are very safe environments as we have strict cross infection control measures.

To keep everyone safe please help us with the following:

  1. Please fill out the COVID-19 form above.
  2. We will try to call patients before appointments to check you are feeling well. If you feel ill at all or have had a fever or cough in the last 7 days, please reschedule. Also, if someone in your household has had these symptoms please rebook.
  3. We would ask you to arrive a few minutes before your appointment to minimise any waiting in the lounge. Please do not arrive late as you may not be seen. If someone accompanies you, they will need to wait for you outside the practice.
  4. Please wear a mask or face covering. Please bring your own pen for any forms. This is to comply with government guidelines.
  5. It will be important to use the disinfecting hand station on the way in.
  6. We will start to minimise paper forms and use more online methods.
  7. You might see screens at reception which you must stay behind. We have ample space, and in some respects, there is little evidence they will be of benefit, but they give added comfort.
  8. The washroom areas will initially be closed to keep patient flow in defined areas.
  9. It could be we are instructed to do reduced dentistry initially so please bear with us.
  10. You might see us wearing more personal protective equipment than normal, but we are still the same happy people behind the masks!

We will be investing in the latest medical grade air purification technology. We don’t see any evidence of risk but again this will provide huge comfort as these units can disinfect all the air in a surgery every 3-4 minutes as needed. They also remove pollen, dust etc and ionise the air for that fresh mountain air experience!

We will also be using disinfectant systems which are completely non-toxic and 100% biologically safe. This can clean the water, surfaces and skin, killing bacteria and virus with 99.9999% effectiveness. We have always used as strong disinfectants but as non-toxic we can use these solutions more widely in the dental water lines, air disinfection, as rinses and cleaning every part of the practice.

We look forward to seeing you soon.